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Acrylic Portrait Classic Table Seating Sign

Give your guests an Instagram-worthy entrance with our hand lettered seating charts, which can be customised to manage any awkward situations - i.e. Exhibit A: making it less obvious who was bumped from the main table via alphabetical listing. You’re welcome.

Dimensions + Pricing

594x841 mm with white calligraphy

  • Up to 75 guest names | $255.00
  • 76 - 100 guest names | $280.00
  • 101 - 125 guest names | $305.00
  • 126 - 150 guest names | $330.00
  • 151 - 175 guest names | $355.00 (Only available in alphabetical format only)

Notes: Guest lists to be emailed to no later than 4 weeks prior to the event. 


Custom Seating Signs

Psst. If you’re wanting that extra wow-factor, we can turn your seating chart into an installation.

“#LOLWHAT. What’s that?”, I hear you say?

Think seating charts or each guest name on their own acrylic panel, strung from a ceiling, on a wall, on the floor or even a tree -- the options are endless and limitless. Drop us a line and let's get creative. 


Easel Hire 

Available to Melbourne customers only, see details here. Please get in contact for any queries.

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