Acrylic A5 Classic Table Numbers

The devil is in the detail, and so are we. Add a touch of flair to your tables with our hand-lettered numbering - prime candidates for that wedding hashtag your guests have been dying to use.

Dimension, Colour + Pricing

  • 148x210x2mm Black or white calligraphy  | $11.50
  • 148x210x2mm Gold calligraphy  | $13.00

You have the option of accompanying wooden stands, which are available for purchase at $9 each. 

Text Style

You have the choice of any of the bespoke styles below for your table numbers:

  1. table one, table two... etc.
  2. Table One, Table Two... etc.
  3. One, Two... etc.
  4. one, two... etc.


Note: The number of units ordered will mean you receive number one up until the ordered amount. For example; an order of 6 units will mean you will receive one to six table numbers.

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