We're taking an Easter vacay between the 19-26th April, 2019. Orders placed during this time will be processed from the 6th May, 2019. 

Acrylic A5 Classic Table Numbers

The devil is in the detail, and so are we. Add a touch of flair to your tables with our hand-lettered numbering - prime candidates for that wedding hashtag your guests have been dying to use.

Dimension, Colour + Pricing

  • 148x210x2mm Black or white calligraphy  | $11.50
  • 148x210x2mm Gold calligraphy  | $13.00

You have the option of accompanying wooden stands, which are available for purchase at $9 each. 

Text Style

You have the choice of any of the bespoke styles below for your table numbers:

  1. table one, table two... etc.
  2. Table One, Table Two... etc.
  3. One, Two... etc.
  4. one, two... etc.


Note: The number of units ordered will mean you receive number one up until the ordered amount. For example; an order of 6 units will mean you will receive one to six table numbers.

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